How to sign up for Azure free trial and avoid charges

Microsoft Azure offers a free trial which is a great resource for anyone looking learn cloud computing at a low cost. The Azure free trial allows you to set up Azure virtual networks, virtual machines, and cloud storage.

To sign up for the Azure free trial, all that is required is a email and credit card.

Azure cash cloud

Can you set up Azure free trial without a credit card?

If you have a student email from a .edu domain you can sign up to the Azure free trial without a credit card here. Azure for Students also comes with a free credit of $100 to build new skills.

Otherwise a credit card is required to sign up and there are verification methods in place to make sure the credit card is legitimate. You cannot use a prepaid credit card or gift card on your account.

Other Free Azure Credits

Visual Studio Subscriptions

Microsoft offers free Azure credits to subscribers of Visual Studio.

If you have a Visual Studio Enterprise subscription, you get a standard of $150 in monthly credits.

If you subscribe through MSDN Platforms you get $100 a month.

For Visual Studio Professional and Visual Studio Test Professional, you get $50 a month.

Microsoft Partner Network

Partners of the Microsoft Action Pack program receive free monthly credits to Azure for $100.

You can sign up to become a Microsoft Partner here.

Microsoft Azure for Startups

Startups seeking to scale up their cloud services on Azure can qualify for a $200 free credit. This credit is available for 30 days after signing up and can be used on Azure compute or network services. Sign up.

Microsoft Azure Nonprofit Partners

Each year, approved nonprofit organizations can receive $3,500 in Azure credits. This makes the entire Azure suite available to nonprofit organizations looking to scale up and serve the community. Sign up.

Free Azure Resources for 12 months

ResourceCategoryMonthly Allowance
Windows and Linux Virtual MachinesComputer750 hours per month (B1 instance)
VPN GatewayNetwork750 hours per month (VpnGw1 Gateway Type)
Load BalancerNetworkFree public load-balanced virtual IP
Archive storageStorage10GB LRS storage, 10GB LRS or GRS write and retrieval, 100 reads.
Blob storageStorage5 GB LRS storage hot block with 20,000 read and 10,000 write operations.
File StorageStorage5 GB LRS file storage
SQL DatabaseDatabases250 GB S0 instance with 10 database transaction units
Azure Database for MySQLDatabases750 hours of Flexible Server—Burstable B1MS Instance, 32 GB storage, and 32 GB backup storage
Azure Database for PostgreSQLDatabases750 hours of Flexible Server Preview—Burstable B1MS Instance, 32 GB storage, and 32 GB backup storage
Azure Cosmos DBDatabases400 request units per-second provisioned throughput with 25 GB storage
Container RegistryContainers1 Standard tier registry with 100 GB storage and 10 webhooks
Key VaultSecurity10,000 transactions RSA 2048-bit keys or secret operations, Standard tier
Service BusIntegration750 hours and 13 million operations Standard tier base unit
And more

Azure Services Always Free

Private LinkNetworkingFree
Virtual NetworkNetworking50 virtual networks
AdvisorManagement and governanceUnlimited
App ConfigurationDeveloper tools1,000 requests per day with 10 MB storage
App ServiceCompute10 web, mobile, or API apps with 1 GB storage
AutomationManagement and governance500 minutes of job runtime
Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)Identity50,000 stored objects with single sign-on (SSO) to all cloud apps
Azure Cosmos DBDatabases1,000 request units per-second provisioned throughput with 25 GB storage
Azure DevOpsDeveloper tools5 users with unlimited private Git repos
Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)ComputeFree
Azure LighthouseManagement and governanceFree
Azure MigrateMigrationFree
Azure PolicyManagement and governanceFree access to configuration and change tracking features
Azure SignalR ServiceWeb20 concurrent connections per unit and 20,000 messages
Bandwidth (Data Transfer)Networking5 GB outbound
Data CatalogAnalyticsUnlimited users
Data FactoryAnalytics5 low-frequency activities
Database Migration ServiceDatabasesFree Standard Compute
Event GridIntegration100,000 operations per month
FunctionsCompute1 million requests
IoT EdgeInternet of ThingsFree, open-source edge runtime
IoT HubInternet of Things8,000 messages per day and .5 KB message meter size of Free edition
Logic AppsIntegration4,000 built-in actions with the Consumption plan
MonitorManagement and governanceSee Azure Monitor pricing details for free amounts per feature
Network WatcherNetworking5 GB storage with 1,000 checks, 10 tests, and 10 connection metrics
Notification HubsMobile1 million push notifications with free namespace
Security CenterSecurityFree policy assessment and recommendations
Service FabricContainersFree
Spatial AnchorsMixed reality10,000 anchors queried
SQL Server 2019 Developer EditionDeveloper toolsFree
Static Web AppsCompute100 GB bandwidth per subscription, 2 custom domains and .5 GB storage per app
Visual Studio CodeDeveloper toolsFree

These specifications are open to change so be sure to check the dashboard often.

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