blind trust shouldn’t be the currency of the digital age

Dedicated to using science and technology to study our surroundings, 0SBS is an open broadcast of information technology publications, technical training material, and systems analysis journalism that empowers the user to find truth.

As a cybersecurity engineer with over 15 years of experience in the trenches of the digital world, I understand the critical importance of truth in this ever-evolving landscape. Information travels at the speed of light, and misinformation can spread just as fast.

At 0SBS, we believe that relying on blind trust isn’t enough.

We empower you, the user, to discover the truth for yourself. We achieve this by focusing on two key principles: verifiable sources and data-driven analysis. By meticulously citing our sources and using rigorous examination of factual data, 0SBS helps you navigate the complexities of the tech industry and make informed decisions.

Science and technology is a collective art of humanity’s advancement in thought. It builds upon established understandings to evolve knowledge and unlock better decisions. As more contributions of innovation are made to this collective science, it develops humanity’s understanding of our own self and surroundings.

The collective art of science and technology requires harmony, like all forms of art, which is why empirical data and facts are strongly emphasized.

0SBS is an Open Source Broadcast System that reports Zero Silly Bull Shit