Top 10 Tech Tools for Working from Home

Due to the recent Covid-19 quarantine, many businesses have been forced to shut down their offices and encourage their employees to work from home. The Wall Street Journal has reported that nearly half of the surveyed companies are now working from home due to Coronavirus. Although the quarantine is temporary, it is very likely that this experiment will cause many businesses to adopt work from home for the long term and choosing the right tools for your business can mean the difference between sinking or floating in this economic plight.

You will have the most success by choosing tools and software that align with the nature of your business. Routines and familiarity greatly increase productivity. If the tools you choose are disruptive to your normal business practices and take a lot of time to adopt or configure, they will affect your productivity negatively.

Here are the top 10 tools and software applications to increase your productivity and streamline common business processes while you are working from home during quarantine.